My new works SPLENDID and CASUAL

Here I’m presenting all the techniques I’m working with.
I’m choosing the design of my work out of nature. Each hollow bead is formed in a mold and decorated with slips. After final glazing, I apply thin layer of gold and other precious metals. I enjoy using earthly mat glazes combined with most vivid ones. Also, I’m using wood burned high temperature stoneware; it is the most interesting firing method. Every time of burning is a unique experience and unforgettable moment.


Bracelets – Ceramics garden

My new works – full of blooming flowers, fragrant meadows, romantic thorns, with a little bit of gold, oriental spices, precious stones and lots of sunshine!

My work is inspired by all those every day things that we are surrounded by.


High fire fiesta

Last week I had an opportunity to participate in wooden high-temperature ceramics firing. It is so pleasant to feel the breath of fire in a cool autumn day while burning a ceramic kiln and to know how a piece of clay turns into cups, vessels and sculptures coated with spectacular colors. we burnt up to 1300 C, stoneware items with ash glazes, different slips, porcelain items with celadon, ox blood and other glazes.



Every time I drink tea or coffee  from a cup it has a different meaning. Almost all of the cups were made by my colleagues or friends sometimes it is  just a tiny memory of the moments went through.

Today drinking tea i felt how important to me are tiny details and how much i enjoy my work. I am pleased to feel that each of these cups is different. Different in its  mood, the material it was made from, the way it was made.


Exhibit opening

Parodos plakatas / Poster

Welcome to ceramics exhibition,

It contains works which were  created 2006 / 2010 year, while thinking about  natural forms of flowers and seeds. Authors are 7th, 11th and 12th grades students.

The teacher – Julia Ikamaitė-Mindaugienė.

This exhibition marks 50 years anniversary of M. K. Ciurlionis National Art school, Fine Arts Department.

During the opening of the exhibition artists will perform musical show with clay instruments – seeds. Made by Jovile El- Mansour in 2006 for Vilnius Accademy of fine arts, undergraduate diplome thesis.

After the opening of art exhibition, we upload some images. If you are interested to see more images of ceramic musical instruments click here.



Here I’ll start a new blog about ceramics. I will be talking about very simple and a bit more complicated technological issues. One reason would be that in Lithuanian blogs you can find very little info about ceramics. (as you might have noticed it is bilingual blog) So for you my dear english speaking readers only parts of blog might be interesting.

Also I will discuss and consider some works of various artists.

For today’s post I will shortly write about a high temperature wood firing in “Jaurūnai” (Lithuania). The firing lasted 12 hours, and 1300 0C temperature was reached. I have to admit that I was pleased with the result of firing. Even though the kiln was fully loaded with items, the items were evenly heated, the surfaces dressed with melted ash. Hole kiln full of items with “tears” (big transparent droplets) which added uniqueness and liveliness.

I would like to thank you Lina for this wonderful opportunity to participate in firing.

paukstis / bird - malikinis degims 1300C

Bird made of “Panevežio” high temperature clay  colored with Cobalt and Iron (CoO ir Fe3O4).

Riva Furman “Sacred glasses” from the same firing group.